Miscellaneous Trips 2001/20002

A few short trips...

Washington DC.

Jefferson Memorial

View of DC from Arlington Cemetery.

Mom & Dad's place, as seen by Jenna & Barbara after a night out.

Las Vegas: Bellagio fountains outside our window. 

They were filiming a movie (Oceans Eleven) so they were running the fountains round the clock.

BC Ferry from Vancouver to Victoria 

Victoria, BC by day.... 

...Victoria, BC by night 

Plants at Butchart Gardens 

Moonrise from the Ferry. 

Flying over Manhattan, October '01. 

Sunset in La Jolla, CA. 

World's biggest Taco Bell. 

View from Rosarito Beach Hotel 

Lake Tahoe 

St. Paul's Cathedral, as seen from the roof of the Minnesota State Capitol Building

Sunset over I-90, somewhere in Wisconsin


Last updated May 14, 2002