London and Dublin - March 2003 

I found a $219 roundtrip fare to London. At that  price, it's almost wrong not to go. Then found a 24 pound fare 

to Dublin, so I tacked on a trip to Ireland as well.


The main telescope at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich 


Need a maiden to stick on the bow of your 19th century clipper ship? They've got 'em on sale here in the Cutty Sark basement! 


Building ahead! Right full rudder! Right full rudder! 


Sailing past the Tower Bridge (no, not sailing the Cutty Sark)


Sunset under the Millennium Bridge 


Doorway at Trinity College, Dublin. 


Ancient Irish philosopher contemplates that age-old dilemma: BMW or Mercedes? 


Gallagher's Boxty House 


This is Molly Malone.  And an amorphous, ghostly figure 


Another liquid lunch 


Dublin lamp post. 


Street party's been delayed four months. Oh, and new location too.


Teletubbies longing to be free. 


Bridge over the Liffey River 


Gate to the Guinness Brewery


Learning about beer ingredients on the Guinness tour


A "copper" holds 600 barrels of beer or 172,800 pints.  Or half a dozen tourists. 


View from the top of the brewery. Yes, these roofs may be dangerous. 


Dublin Castle maze. Seems like it would be easy to cheat. 


Dublin castle is an odd mix of styles 


This is, um, some famous king or bishop or something. 


Waiting for the bus in an old Viking boat


Findlater's Church across the street from my hotel 


Waiting for the weather to clear up so that my Aer Lingus flight can depart. 


Note to self: Do not fly Virgin Atlantic until they modernize their fleet. 


Nice cheery reading on the flight home. Oh, is that why my flight was so cheap? 


Sunset over 777 wing, somewhere above Canada.


Last updated June 4, 2003