Photography FAQ 


Q1.    What kind of camera did you use for the pictures on this site?

A1.     All of the pictures taken since September '01 were taken with a Canon S300.  The camera has since been discontinued, but it looks like the Canon's replacement for the S300 is the S400.  Older pictures were taken with a cheap 35mm point and click, with noticeably worse picture quality.


Q2.    Do you ever use a flash?

A2.    Rarely.  In fact, of the nearly 200 pictures on this site, only four were taken with a flash (Santiago Mercado Central, Louvre, museum bubble exhibit, HK rat poster).  Many low-light pictures were taken without a flash but required a long exposure time (Greenwich telescope, pint of Guinness, Chilean wine barrels).  There are three main reasons for this.  First, natural light shows how things really looked at the time.  Second, the Canon S300, for all its wonders and glory, has a poor battery life when you take lots flash pictures.  Finally, if you're taking a picture of your pint at an Irish pub, do you really want to draw any more attention to yourself?


Q3.     Why are there only three questions here?

A3.    Because nobody has asked any more questions.  If you have a question you'd like to have answered, click here.



Last updated June 4, 2003